Bedrock Industries will consider structuring its ownership interests across the capital structure of an asset, including preferred securities, common equity and debt of all kinds, including working capital loans, first and second lien loans, cash flow loans, pre-export financings and DIP loans.

Asset Sector Focus

  • Industrial Metals: smelting, rolling, alloying, bending, casting, general fabrication
  • Industrial Minerals: extraction and production of ores, minerals and concentrates
  • Natural Resources: exploration, production, processing of coal and oil & gas

Asset Criteria

  • Deal size: $50 to $500 million +
  • Favorable cost structure
  • Globally diversified strategy with focus on safe jurisdictions with predictable property rights
  • Ability to deploy Bedrock’s operational expertise

Transaction Structures

  • General refinancing
  • Growth Capital
  • Restructurings
  • Acquisitions